What comes before DNA?

Looking to the beyond for answers only reveals more questions.

You don’t know what you don’t know. Flip that upside down and ask how knowing about something differs from deeply knowing something? What is knowing? To know is to be one with. According to an old friend, Clare Blanchflower, The mind gets in the way by conceptualizing and projecting its concepts outwards onto the play of the world.

Deep nature connection core routines get us out of our heads and into our senses. Jon Young, a disciple of Tom Brown Jr. states, the problem with modern day society is that we become entrenched in a two dimensional reality of symbolism and meaning, rather than a multi-sensory experience. Society is not the same as culture. It offers a world of oversimplification, breaking everything down into understandable fragments that can be ordered by the mind. What is missing in society without culture is the value of mystery. We become too easily subjected to a modern day pestilence of control and power over our surroundings rather than harmony with it.

When we drop the importance of mind understanding and we redirect our attention to the greater mystery by valuing its continued unfolding, then we begin to discover a greater intelligence that consumes us whole into the greater awareness.

There is nothing the mind can do to speed up this process, or even to make this ultimate discovery. It comes with a readiness to loosen the grip of the mind’s understanding which allows cracks to form in the mind made structure that is projected outward as an overlay onto what is real and true. Once these cracks begin to form, the true light of seeing begins to seep into the body of perception, purifying the perceiving mechanism by burning what only existed as a fabrication of the mind and leaving it uninhibited.

When we truly come to re-cognize what is real, what is true, the unique code of expression begins to pour out from the very essential nature of existence itself. It is god’s creation expressing in and through each and every one of us. The DNA is the link between heaven and earth, god and its creation, longing to be expressed fully in harmony with existence everywhere.

Let nature be your guide. Loosen the grip of the mind. Feel what it feels like to be with existence itself. Step away from the common patterning behaviours of your life often. Get familiar with the core routines for connecting with nature. Quiet your mind, listen with an open heart. Ask the hard questions that lead to greater humility. Reveal your arrogance and allow god to straighten it out for you. Be true to what is real and don’t accept mind made answers that leave you with a false sense of knowing. It is only ignorance wearing the costume of truth. Find out for yourself what is unchanging. That is the source of your being, your intelligence, your freedom.

Becoming Nature Smart

Ever notice how good you feel when you stop what you are doing and go sit outside? For a moment… it dawns on you that nature is awesome. Then some thought comes into mind, maybe that nature is awesome, or something else, and then that feeling quickly fades as you head off in some direction to do something.

What was that palpable experience when all thoughts were absent and there was a noticeable “ahhh” of relaxation into the vastness? A felt sense of peace washed over you. A unifying moment of connection with the world of nature all around you. Bliss.

What if instead, those thoughts were seen as clouds passing? Just coming and going without getting stuck. One by one each ‘thought-cloud’ would be noticed and then not-noticed, noticed and then not-noticed. Eventually all the clouds would pass with only the clear sky remaining, revealing the sun and the moon and the stars and everything in between.

How did the moment of realization disappear as quickly as it came into focus? Where did it go? Did it cease to exist?

These questions and more are answered by nature, not in words but in-between the words and everything else. If we imagine a substance that is in everything and yet is no thing, we may begin to see what is true. Only that which can cannot be seen, cannot be described by words or science or art, cannot be touched, smelled, held or felt. It is like a felt sense, but comes before even the senses and the thoughts. It connects everything, invisibly, profoundly primordially.

This is the truth we will discover in Nature.

To be nature smart is to keep turning towards that which is invisible, that which defines the existence of everything. Being truly fresh and innocent and present with each moment is to know beyond knowing.