Invitation to Natural Families

Hello Natural Family!

I suppose it is time to address the fact that the school system, and society at large, is failing to cultivate curious, passion filled children who are taught about freedom of choice and human rights.  Am I wrong? 

Do your children need an alternative source of connection to the world in which they live, away from the social enterprise that globalized schooling is fast becoming?  The trauma and grief that society has built upon our human fabric is systemic and it will take many diverse learning pathways, mentoring opportunities and co-operative communities to heal this.

I believe we can heal ourselves, each other, and the very land we occupy by coming together with good intentions and a willingness to bare our humanness, our vulnerability and truth.  We welcome the opportunity to work together with your family to create a home-based learning co-operative that is free from mainstream influences and based in deep nature connection learning pathways. 

Email to connect.