Recognizing your True Nature

Your Whole Being is the body of awareness where all is welcomed, all is recognized, all is One. In pristine wilderness we are immersed in abiding awareness where everything that arises in the mind and feels to be separate, dissolves into a sense of Oneness. This is True Nature mirroring your inner wilderness back at you, ready to burn what feels to be separate into the inferno of Truth.

“gather together in nature

go have an experience

come back and tell someone about it” ~ Reishe

Preparation may include practices that support the recognition of your awareness as the One Awareness.

  • Gentle Walks or Hiking.
  • Silent Sitting or Meditation.
  • Gratitude and Sharing.
  • Nature Connection Routines.
  • Ceremony, Rites and a call for Reverence.

Nothing is excluded from Being. The purpose here is to deepen into the remembering of all the elements that make up your true Nature within.