Nothing to try here,

Or to strain, or stress, or tense.

Fret, frown or repent.

Just the empty, silky sensation of divine grace flowing effortlessly without restriction coming from any sense of individuality, separateness or personhood. All activities of the mind seen as a play, held in the attention only for the moment they arise and then pass away in their own perfection. As all holding is seen in the boundless, containerless, unlocatable, timeless and spacious awareness of your one primordial Being.

Dipping your Feet in the Ocean

I sat tonight with my fiancee and two young children at the beach with our feet dangling in the water when a complete wave of trust and knowingness washed over my being.  We had been grappling with the questions of what direction to take next in our lives only moments before.

The quality of immersion in nature has such a profound affect on opening us up to experiencing the world more directly and fully. This reminded me that at the very core of expeditions for life is the guidance that leads us back towards direct experience with nature for the purpose of healing and awakening the human spirit!